It doesn’t matter if you are
a big company, a start-up or a public office,
Arcos Italia helps you organize your space.

Office Furniture

Work spaces to have a balance betweencomfort,beauty, style and practicality. We develop furniture solutions that suit your needs in terms of space and time with attention for the unique character of your request and office.

Store Furniture

The furniture of your store is your business card and it’s the first encounter the (potential) client will have with your brand. We offer different kind of store furniture solutions to make your store cozy and unique.

Warehouse Furniture

We have extensive experience in many industries including warehouse furniture. Arcos Italia offers many different kinds of metal shelving systems for warehouses, changing rooms and workshops. If you need customized systems, please contact us (link to contact page!). We’ll be happy to help you to create your storage system.

Furniture for Public Sector

We set up spaces for many organisations in the public sectoruse such as libraries, universities, , conference rooms andmeeting- and waiting rooms. We like to do that with furniture that focuses on the comfort and well-being of the final user.

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