The holiday season is going coming to an end and, for many of us, that September ‘back to school’ feeling is already encroaching. Saying goodbye to the sun, the sea and the freedom not to look at e-mail can often seem like the end of the world and almost always makes you wonder why you did not open a yoga school on a Greek island or a chiringuito in Ischia.However, not everyone can afford to be tragic and gloomy for a long time and, for this reason, we try to write down some advice learned here and there, from grandparents, authoritative sources or such as experts in wellness!

Combine work with your natural rhythms.
Try to do stressful activities when you’re likely to be at your best. If you’re a morning person, for example, do not start by scrolling through e-mails. Use the moment when you are more productive to do things that might annoy you at a different time of day.

Organize work thinking about people and stuff as resources.
The main resource of your work is your time, so try to focus on who and what you need to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. At the beginning of each week, you have to decide on three material goals you want to achieve by Friday and three people with whom you would like to spend time or the people who can help you achieve those goals.

Take power.
Think of yourself as an entrepreneur and manage your career. Think of yourself as a “brand” that can increase its value and this can be done if you focus on what makes you feel satisfied, being updated on industry trends, expanding the range of “products” that you can offer and on which you can feel strong.

Learn to play well.
Nobody wins when there is rift in own work place, so make an effort to be happy with all your co-workers. This might mean congratulating a colleague for a job well done, or you might find something you can share outside of work – maybe a sports team, fishing, food.

Do not balance work and life.
Draw a circle and break it into eight segments. Now imagine that everything goes smoothly in your life. Populate each segment with an element that contributes to this feeling: your children, the body exercise, the progression at work. Assign a score from zero to 10 to your satisfaction level, then decide which score you would like. Now think about what you should focus on to get there.

Prioritize your well-being.
Wellness is the backbone of productivity at work and in domestic life. It refers to your happiness, stress levels, safety and sense of security, and is closely linked to your blend of private life and work life. Once you have identified the things that contribute to your optimal state of well-being, make them a real priority. It will be worth it in the long run.

Find your mixture.
Each of us has a certain amount of energy that we can devote to things, but we waste many of them comparing ourselves to others who are outside in managing all of this. Everyone has a different job, children with different temperaments, different degrees of support. Consider what makes you feel on top of your world, then focus your energy on getting those things right.

The perspective is a turning point.
We all have problems: maybe your manager does not understand how committed you are to progressing since you came back from maternity or your partner is not allowing you to relax as you. Talking, then, with like-minded people is a great way to recognize your problems and find the options to deal with them.

Change your work space.
Throwing away the “old” is often liberating, it is a concrete way to make decisions about your life. Implicitly it is said “this is precious, this is not”. So, why not close your eyes and try to view a new office? A makeover can be a reboot, a new vision. Ah, do not you know where to start? Get inspired by the articles of our shoponline Obviously, the ones listed above are always valid advice and whenever you feel you need change!